Top 10 Gospel Music Blogs in Nigeria:

Top 10 Gospel Music Blogs in Nigeria:

Blogs are online platforms that get regularly updated and they exist in different spheres of affairs. Some blogs are niche-centred while others aren’t.

In Nigeria, blogs are used to market a product, sell out to huge chunk of audience and gain prominence online. Nothing’s different from the gospel viewpoint of the web, gospel blogs exists.

Here are the top 10 gospel music blogs in Nigeria…

Top 10 Gospel Music Blogs in Nigeria:

10. Praise Camp

Praise Camp is a Gospel entertainment outfit, dedicated in propagating the Gospel of Christ through musical entertainment and every other related content.

This platform promotes good gospel music and videos from every corner of the earth, by various Gospel ministers/artistes, at the same time providing updates on concerts, events, interviews, celebrity news and much more.

9. Choir Zone

Choir Zone is one product of Oladayo Martins’ creativity. It’s aim involves establishing an online sphere for choristers to interact, learn musical instruments, download gospel music and learn lyrics from national and international gospel ministers.

Choir Zone aims to connect choir groups ( both established and small groups) across the world (especially in Nigeria).

8. Praise Jamz Blog

Praise Jamz Blog is a gospel music blog specially dedicated to all gospel artiste and Christians worldwide. Praise Jamz Blog is an active platform for downloading and promoting of gospel music, videos, news, lyrics, advert, events and lot more.

7. Gospo-Tainment

Gospo-Tainment is a gospel entertainment blog that dishes out messages by renowned preachers on a daily basis, gospel relates news content, gospel music and videos, and gospel updates. It was established in 2009 and has since been actively updating its gospel archive.

6. Kingdom Boiz

Kingdom Boiz is a gospel blog dedicated to publishing latest gospel songs, videos and also interesting news revolving around the gospel circle. It’s one of the blogs where really cool gospel songs can be downloaded for free.

5. Gospel Menu

Gospel Menu (Nigerian gospel music website), site to download free gospel songs. Gospel Menu promotes Christian music – praise and worship songs and more relevant gospel articles online.

4. Gospel Centric

Gospel Centric as a blog is dedicated to  promoting Gospel entertainment through music.

Gospel Centric is a platform for Gospel music lovers/Christians worldwide to listen and download newly released Gospel audio and music video tunes from their favorite Gospel artistes /ministers.

Gospel Centric also churns out updates about gospel music concerts/ noteworthy special events and lots more. This blog isn’t just for music but for music that speaks, and that’s why it’s one of the biggest on the list.

3. Praise World Radio

Praise World Radio is Africa’s premium Online Gospel Radio station based in Lagos, Nigeria was officially launched on June 1, 2012 and is dedicated to broadcasting pure urban gospel content round the clock.

This blog delivers gospel entertainment that is both hip and urban, employing programming techniques that appeal to internet savvy, trendy and hip young adults who yearn for contemporary gospel music that they can relate with.

2. Xclusive Gospel

Xclusive Gospel is a gospel blog that is updated with good gospel music on a regular basis. This blog is top on the chart because it receives the highest number of visitors per month compared to other blogs. It’s audience include gospel music lovers, choristers and Christians in general.

1. GMusic Plus

GMusic PLus is an Online Magazine/Entertainment outfit aimed at Redefining, Re-branding and promoting gospel music/entertainment and its artistes.

GMusic PLus is a valuable resource for the latest News update, Music, Videos, Events, album reviews/premieres, captivating interviews, and more. Though first on the chart, it’s database houses a massive number of interesting and good gospel content and not just every gospel content.

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